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Among Us Online

Among Us Online took the gaming world by storm with its interesting blend of multiplayer play and mystery solving skills. Set in a spaceship, you and your crew are preparing for launch. The problem is one or more crew members are actually impostors who want to kill you and your entire crew. On the flip side, you could be the one who is the impostor! It’s a game where everyone is out for themselves, and trust can only go so far.

Worry not because Among Us is free to play. Plus, it is easy to understand the rules. The way for the crew members to win is by finishing the tasks or figuring out those who want to kill you and then voting them off the ship. If you are an impostor, you can use a variety of methods to kill the crew members. Nothing is off limits and the more chaos you cause, the easier it will be to get away with murder.

There are a few optional roles available such as shapeshifter, guardian angel, engineer, and scientist. Prefer a simpler gameplay? Well, ignore the roles. It is entirely up to you. You can also experiment with the number of impostors, roles, types of tasks, and even the color of your crewmates! Again, it is all up to you but it’s good to know you can tweak the game until it fits you or your friends’ liking.

This game is available on multiple platforms, so you will always have a way to play it. It’s on console, mobile, and PC in an Among Us web browser. So, dust off your detective skills and prepare to sniff out those impostors among your crew members. Are you an impostor? Well, dust off your sabotage skills and prepare to claim some victims.