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Batman is a DC superhero comic book character first published in the year 1939. By day, his name is Bruce Wayne, a rich womanizer living in Gotham City, whose parents were tragically killed in front of him when he was a child. However, by night he goes around the city as a superhero named Batman. The interesting thing about Batman is that he has no superpowers to speak of but is a professionally trained fighter who uses a specially crafted suit and weapons. He uses this combination to protect Gotham from an assortment of villains and sometimes he has people fighting beside him like Robin and Batgirl.

This character has spanned many different types of media, which includes video games. A plethora of Batman games for free exist online for even the most casual fans of Batman to enjoy. The main thing all these games have in common is that it lets you step into the role of Gotham’s infamous vigilante.

Games featuring Batman in the title are Shadow Combat, Street Force, Gotham City Speed, Gotham Dark Knight, Super Meme Yourself, and Missions Gotham Mayhem. Other games that feature Batman as one of the main or supporting characters are Justice League Story Maker, Justice League Nuclear Rescue, and Justice League Comic Creator. The reason Batman shows up in so many Justice League games is because this is a group of Superheroes, he is a part of. Wonder Woman and Superman, two other popular superheroes also fight alongside Batman in the Justice League.

Enjoy all the Batman games available at your fingertips. You will have time to fight some crime, hopefully making Gotham a better place. This might be a bit of a longshot, however, because Gotham City is a pretty corrupt city. Hey, you and Batman will do the impossible!