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Castle Raid 3D

Ah the medieval times. When peasants were forced to adhere to a King’s whims and the plague roamed the land due to fleas, rats, and other such creatures that carry a lot of disease. It’s not a particular time we would ever want to find ourselves trapped in because chances are we might not even survive childbirth. If we did, then you would be lucky to even make it to adulthood.

In Raid Land, it transports you to this interesting yet frightening period. It does this without you having to leave the comfort of your house or modern life you’ve come to know and love. Raid Land is a multiplayer game where two teams are fighting against each other in battle. If you want to win, then make sure your team collects more gold than the other. This will ensure victory.

You can choose between a total of three classes. One is a warrior that fights with a sword and shield, second is the berserker that uses a battle ax, and finally an archer which, obviously, uses a bow and arrow. All of these classes have their ups and downs. It’s up to you to figure out which one works best with your style of play.

Controlling this game requires a combination of the keyboard and mouse. It may take you a little while to get a hang of it. With battle and fighting games like this, there is a little bit of a steep learning curve. We promise that in a matter of no time you’ll be wielding your weapon like the pro we know you are capable of being. It’s just going to take some practice so don’t you dare give up! You didn’t step back into the medieval times just to call it quits.