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Chat King

Chatting over instant messages, direct messages, or phone text messages are how we primarily communicate nowadays. This isn’t to stay. We still don’t talk via phone calls, but a lot of us prefer or find it easier to do it through typing out a message rather than physically talking. Talking tends to take a lot more energy anyway.

In King Chat, you get to experience a silly, lighthearted game that really shows how amusing text conversations can be! You are given a chat scenario with another person and then have to choose from one of the two responses they give you. This can be done by using your mouse or keypad to click the text response you prefer.

Some of the scenarios are straight up ridiculous, but this is what makes it so fun. For example, one conversation we found ourselves talking with our dad and the goal was to prank him. We made him think we set our eyebrows on fire while practicing during our fire show. Once we made it clear it was a prank, he was very relieved. In another, we attempted to ask a girl out, even asking them to hang out. We were successful!

Not every response is funny. You will find some that are more straightforward, but if you want to play a scenario with a more serious mindset then go ahead! King Chat is such a lighthearted game. Sure, you may lose the scenario if you do not complete the goal, but there are no consequences. All you do is move onto the next scenario.

It is easy to find yourself sucked into this game as you try responding to a bunch of different scenarios. Hey, losing a few hours is a fun game like King Chat is totally worth it.