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Counter Strike

CS Online sounds like it has something to do with HTML or some other technical related term. This couldn’t be further from the truth! What CS stands for is Counter Strike, a multiplayer game that is in the first-person shooter genre. It was first released in November of 2000 and the last release was all the way back in August 2012. However, just because the official game has not been in production for a decade, it doesn’t mean there still isn’t content available. Quite a few spin offs of Counter Strike have been created, with no signs of stopping.

One game where you can enjoy Counter strike is CS Online. In CS Online, you join counter terrorists fighting against the enemies, hence the name, or the terrorists which are causing problems. Join whatever one that happens to tickle your fancy. Missions differ for each group. For terrorists, you could be required to plan a bomb but for the counter terrorists, your goal may be to get innocent civilians out of the area before they die. If you prefer to kill everyone on the opposite team instead, go ahead. This is also a valid way to play the game!

The way you play this is by using your mouse, keyboard, or some combination of the two. Try not to go in guns blazing either because not only will it put your life at risk it could also do the same for your team. When playing on a team, you need to keep them in the back of your mind at all times.

Even if you’ve never played Counter Strike before, this game will appeal to anyone who enjoys first person shooters or shooter games in general. So, suit up, grab your weapon, and prepare to join a side.