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Dalgona Candy

The Dalogna game is a real South Korean childhood game children play. Dalogna candy came about after the Korean more and is a popular Korean street food. It is a honeycomb candy also known as ppopki in Korean. These candies are perfectly round, and the game part comes in with the shape that is baked onto the candy. Some examples include an umbrella, circle, star, or triangle being baked into the middle of the Dalogna candy.

What is the main goal? Well, you have to carve out whatever shape is on the candy without breaking it in the process. How you do this is up to you or whatever rules have been set up previously to start.

Thanks to Squid games, this South Korean children’s game became a global phenomenon. It is well known all over the world because of Netflix’s popular show.

Do you want to participate in the Dalogna game but are unsure of how to get your hands on one of the candies? Fear not because the Dalogna game is online and free for you to partake in! Like the game in real life and in Squid Games, you need to try to carve out the shape without breaking the candy.

This can be done with a needle given to you in the game. It requires a lot of patience on your part but remember there is a time limit in this game. One needs to find the perfect balance of taking their time and efficiency.

The Dalogna online game is based on the one featured in Squid Games so if you fail that does mean certain death for your character. Be grateful that they are the ones who end up dying rather than you. None of the characters in the show ever got so lucky!