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Aimed at children, Dora the Explorer is a show, which was on the popular channel Nickelodeon. It is about a bilingual girl named Dora who goes all kinds of on adventures. She travels with her pet monkey named Boots and together they solve riddles and puzzles as they try their way to their destination. During their travels, they might encounter some antagonists such as Swiper, a thieving fox, or the Grumpy Old Troll that lives under a bridge or allies like Dora’s older cousin Diego. They go on many adventures and always engage the viewer by getting them to play along. You can also learn a little of Spanish from Dora along the way. She is fluent in both this language and English!

It is no surprise, given the popularity of the show, that a lot of Dora the Explorer games online have been made. There are dozens upon dozens of Dora the Explorer games. Some of them included Dora and Friends Magical Mermaid Treasure, Cooking with Dora, Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Dora Fishing, Dora the Explorer Dot to Dot, Dora Pirate Boat, Dora Spring Run, Dora Cake Shop, Dora Car racing, Dora Parking, and even a game or two featuring Dora’s older cousin Diego that we mentioned before.

This is not even scratching the surface of all the Dora the Explorer online games out there available for you and/or your child to play. Chances are Dora has been put in every situation you can think of!

Given that there are so many available games, you are going to have different ways to control Dora and friends, depending on the one you be playing. All of them will involve some combination of your keyboard and/or mouse.

This also applies to your child who will have fun and learn.