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Friday Night Funkin FULL WEEK!

Friday Night Funkin Mod is based on Friday Night Funkin, which is an open-source game released in 2020. In the original game you play a character known as Boyfriend whose goal is to keep dating Girlfriend, his love interest. Boyfriend has to win against a bunch of different characters in singing and wrapping challenges in order to be successful in his goal to keep dating Girlfriend.

You just have to press a few notes and then you can live a happy life with your life interests. It sounds easy on the surface, but as you can expect to happen, it gets difficult with every level. The arrows you have to replicate get faster and more complicated as the game goes on.

In the Friday Night Funkin Mod games, which are free to play and require only a mouse and a keyboard, the premise is similar. You play Boyfriend and rap against popular characters you will recognize. This one in particular lets you rap against Chara who is from the well-known game Undertale.

There are plenty of different versions of the Friday Night Funkin game, all free and online, that feature such characters like Naruto, Peppa Pig, Sonic, Doraemon, and SpongeBob just to name a few. The plot is always the same. You must defeat the other character in a rap and singing battle because Girlfriend is depending on Boyfriend to come out victorious against them!

In order to play, you can use the w, a, s, d keys instead of using the arrow keys or the actual arrow keys on the keyboard to control Boyfriend during the rap and singing battles. Remember, it does get more difficult as time goes on, but you can’t let that deter you. Girlfriend will not be pleased if Boyfriend loses against the challenger.