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Fruit Ninja Online

Fruit Ninja was created in April 2010 by Halfbrick. This game has been extremely popular since its creation and is still played today! It was originally released on mobile phones, but over the years it has grown and is available on several different devices which include game consoles and PC’s.

In this fun game, you have to cut up some fruit with a blade. The fruit is thrown towards you, and you need to slice it as well as you can. Manage to slice it in one go? Well, that will give you a lot of points! If you end up missing three fruits in a row, then you will lose the game. However, you can always start again so no worries!

There are lots of other additions to Fruit Ninja that you will discover once you start playing. This game has become so popular, there has even been a show on YouTube called Fruit Ninja: Frenzy Force. It is a CGI style show and follows the adventures of several different characters. Once you have a cartoon based on your game, you know you have made it.

Feel a sudden urge to slice some fruit? Well, Fruit Ninja Online and available for you to play, free of charge and non any browser of your choice. It can be controlled with a keyboard, mouse, or a combination of both.

So, load up Fruit Ninja on your browser and ready your sword. The fruit will come at your screen fast so if you can avoid blinking, it is best to just skip it. Only blink if you really need to. Try your best to slice the fruit that is being thrown at you otherwise you are going to lose the game and have to start all over from the beginning.