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Granny House

One of the more popular genres out there has to be the horror genre. There are so many horror movies, tv shows, and video games that have been made—all with varying degrees of success. Some of the more famous horror video games include Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Slenderman. However, smaller horror games exist that don’t have to be played on any console. They are free, able to be played right on your browser.

Granny House is one of those games. Do not let the name deceive you. This game isn’t lighthearted or friendly in the least. In Granny House, you are stuck in this hospital and have to go through a series of puzzles and different situations in order to escape it.

It’s a very creepy environment with messages written in blood and a masked killer rung around called the Granny Murderer. Try not to make any noise during your attempted escape. This will be sure to alert the Granny Murderer who will be more than happy to take another victim.

Expect quite a lot of jump scares in Granny House. If you are not a fan of them, then this game really isn’t for you. If you can tolerate jump scares, then give it a shot. You may end up avoiding the Granny Murderer and making your way out of the creepy hospital you randomly woke up in.

The controls for Granny House require a mouse, keyboard, or a combination of both. Remember, unlike the character you are controlling, you have the option of closing out the screen if it gets too scary. They are unfortunately stuck in a hospital with a creepy killer running around trying to kill them.

Keep quiet and you just may get the player character out of there in one piece!