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Guess the Emoji

Emojis are the bread and butter of the internet. One of the most classic ones is the yellow smiley face. Over the years, emojis have become more complex. Before Emojis, we had what were called emoticons where you made faces using different keys on the keyboard. Without emoticons, emojis never would have existed.

Everyone has used an emoji at least once in their life. The classic ones with the round, yellow faces featuring a variety of emotions are some of the most popular ones that people use in their texts. We aren’t saying you have to use emojis in your texts or writing, but it does help add to your words. It’s difficult to express everything you are feeling through a computer or phone screen. An emoji can help.

Guess the Emoji takes some of your favorite emojis and puts them into a game. It is one of the simplest games you are ever going to play. It’s exactly like the title says: you have to figure out what emoji the puzzle is showing and choose between four choices. Answer before the timer expires otherwise you are going to lose.

An example of what you’ll find in the game is as follows: The game shows an emoji of a snake and a pair of eyes next to it. The correct answer would be snake eyes. Some questions are going to be easy to answer, but the more you play the harder the rounds are likely to get. This is usually how things like this go.

Think you have the brainpower to figure out these emoji puzzles? Well, fire up the game in your browser window. All you need to play is a mouse and keyboard. If you lose, then you can just try again until finally coming out victorious.