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Hello Kitty Spot The Difference

Hello Kitty, whose name is actually Kitty White, is a cartoon character that was created by Yuko Shimizu in Japan. It was first created in March 1975 and is still going strong today. Ever since Hello Kitty’s inception, there have been accessories, toys, manga, anime, clothing, music, books, and games based on this character.

If we were to attempt to list all the different types of media that feature this famous fictional cat, it would take us probably a few days.

While Hello Kitty is marketed towards young girls, adults love this character as well. We are included in this! It’s just such a fun character you can’t help but indulge in and enjoy. One way you can enjoy Hello Kitty is by playing video games. Don’t think you can afford it or have the right system? Well, lucky for you there are dozens upon dozens of Hello Kitty Games that exist.

One of these games is called Hello Kitty Spot the Difference. Remember those old spots, the different games you’d see in children’s activities books? Well, this game follows that concept. You are given two images side by side and have to spot all the differences between the two of them.

These kinds of games can require you to look over both images a few times. It’s difficult to spot everything in just one go so don’t worry if you end up having to look over the images a few times.

Some other Hello Kitty online games include Hello Kitty Pinball, Hello Kitty and Friends Finger, Hello Kitty and Friends Rescue, and Hello Kitty and Friends Jumper. These are just a few games featuring this popular Japanese fictional character. Remember she’s been going strong since the 70’s, so there is a lot of content available for her!