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Kick The Boss

We have all experienced a boss at least once in our life that we have the urge to kick due to them just being completely unbearable. Sadly, we cannot do this in the real world because this is considered assault and is frowned upon in society with the consequences being jail. Don’t get too disappointed though because Kick the Boss is a free, online game that exists, which can be played on your mobile device, tablet, or desktop.

The premise of the game is amusing. You can beat or kick the crapola out of your boss for as long as you want in order to release some stress that you have been keeping inside for ages now. It’s also possible to throw objects and weapons at your boss so you can beat the crapola out of him in a myriad of different ways!

Assuming you are playing this on your browser, all you need is a mouse or keyboard to play. This will let you control this game and complete your goal of making your boss feel as bad as you do after a long day of work listening to their griping. If you happen to be on a tablet or mobile, then you can control it by touching/tapping your screen.

Now we are not advocating for actual violence against your boss. Obviously, this is wrong, but doing it in a video game is just a lot of fun. It is very therapeutic! While you are playing Kick the Boss, just imagine it is your boss in place of the fictional boss on the screen. There is no harm in doing this because literally no one is getting hurt in the process.

Well, except the boss in the game, but he’s a fictional character so we don’t really care about him.