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Killing Slender Man

Slenderman began as a creepypasta, which is a horror legend type story that has gone around on the internet. First appearing in an online postdated all the way back to 2009, this legend is about a supernatural creature that is very tall, thin, and wearing a black suit. The creepy part is that he has no features on his face, making for a very unnerving appearance.

In the stories, Slenderman is said to stalk, kidnap, or just cause trauma to people. He seems to especially like to cause trauma to children for some reason. One of the more popular games Slenderman appeared in was called Slender: The Eight Pages. Your goal was to collect eight notes in a forest. You need to avoid Slenderman, but it is difficult to do.

Given the popularity of Slenderman began on the internet, it is no surprise that there are a lot of different online games featuring this supernatural creature. Some of the more popular ones are where you must Kill Slender Man. Games featuring the Slenderman Must Die title are Silent Forest, Abandoned Graveyard, Madhouse, Dead Space, Silent Streets, and Industrial Waste.

A female version of Slenderman, called Slendrina, also has a few games under the umbrella term Slendrina Must Die. These include The School, The House, The Cellar, and The Asylum. This isn’t even scratching the surface of all the different Slenderman games that are available for you to play.

All you need is a mouse and a keyboard to play. Be warned that these games can be extremely frightening and have jump scares. Think you are brave enough to sit through an entire game that features either Slenderman or Slendrina? Then go play. Just a piece of advice: play the game during the daylight. It’s safer that way.