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Lay Eggs

p>This is where the eggs come in. Once the chicken lays an egg, it will help boost the chicken up over the wall and let it continue on. You must do this for several levels until the chicken is able to get home. Be warned that obstacles can show up out of nowhere and the eggs can break. You need to be quick otherwise this will impact your ability to get to the end of the level.

It is a sweet, silly little game that can be frustrating at times because the eggs can break without any warning. Still, Lay Eggs is very chill and will put you in a relaxing mood. Though be warned, it is addictive. People cannot help but be determined to help this cute little chicken out and get it back home.

This game can be played by simply clicking on the chicken which will make it lay an egg. You can do this either with the left button on your mouse or touchpad. Just use whatever one is more preferable to you.

Best part about this game, it is completely free and can be played on any browser. Nothing will stop you from laying eggs to get this chicken up over these annoying walls. Think you can continue to do it even when the levels get harder and harder as you go on? Might as well give it a shot! This chicken is counting on you.