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Love Tester

Love Tester is a lighthearted game where you can find love. Okay, not really but it’s a fun simulation and can be played repeatedly due to how simple it is. In Love Tester, you try to see what the romantic potential is between two different people. It can be based on real life people, including yourself or fictional characters. Heck, try to see your affinity with celebrities if this interests you the most. Point is, you can input any two people that you want so you can see how well they match together.

To play this game you have to type in two names in the two hearts and then click on calculate compatibility. You will then get a percentage of how compatible you and this other person are. This is nothing more than a silly, harmless, and fun game to play when you want to kill some time. There is no way it can actually predict the compatibility of your relationship with someone else.

Best part about this game is that it costs nothing so if you want to avoid going to some matchmaker or fortune teller where you have to spend exuberant amounts of money then play this game

To control Love Tester, you just need your keyboard, mouse, or a combination of both. Keyboard to type in whatever names you have in mind and a mouse to click on the calculate compatibility button.

Who knows that person you have been pining after for years is someone you might actually have a chance with? Or the Love Tester could just tell you what you have always feared was true; the two of you are just never going to work out. You will never know until you find out, so take the plunge and input your name.