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Minion Rush 2

Minions are these funny, looking yellow creatures that wear goggles and blue jean overalls. They show up in the Despicable Me movies and have even stared in one of their own! These characters are comic relief in these movies. Minions have proved to be extremely popular with kids and even adults. There are toys, games, even theme park rides that feature the Minions in some capacity.

The one who had a hand in creating these characters was Eric Guillon. They first showed up in Despicable Me in 2010 and their popularity truly does show no sign of stopping at this point. Some may find these little guys and their unintelligible language to be annoying. However, no matter how annoying you find them, we are sure you have laughed when watching the Minions at least once.

Like we said, Minions are featured in plenty of types of media out there. This includes online free games. One such game is called Minion Rush, which you can play online for free. It can be controlled like most of these games can be. You use either a mouse, keyboard, or a combination of both.

In Minion Rush, you have to complete some missions for Gru as quickly as you can because that is what he expects! Make sure to avoid the traps and any other obstacles that might come your way. You may find yourself running through a lab, villain’s fortress, or just through the neighborhood. It doesn't matter where the Minions are being sent too because they must do the tasks that Gru has given to them. They do work for the guy, after all!

Besides Minion Rush, there are plenty of other Minion games you can play. You’ll have no trouble finding them either. We assure you of this.