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Momo Horror Story

Anyone who has spent a long time on the internet has come across their fair share of urban legends and memes. The Momo Horror Story is one such example of this. In this hoax/legend, it says that this user with the name Momo is contacting young teens and trying to get them to do some dangerous tasks like self-harm, suicide, and violent attacks.

This is obviously nothing more than a silly meme, urban legend, hoax, or whatever you want to call it. However, the image that usually accompanies Momo is very scary. It’s this strange looking doll with a long face and eyes. She obviously doesn’t look human, adding to the creepiness of all of it.

Given that Mom took the internet by storm, there are several different video games that have been published to the internet featuring this character. Horror games are extremely popular, especially horror games free to play.

Before you decide to play a Momo game, be warned that there might be a few jump scares, scary images, and just an overall feeling of unease. If you have ever seen the image that accompanies the Momo urban legend, then you’ll understand why this is the case.

In Momo Horror Story, you play a man who is contacted by Momo. This sets Momo on this guy’s path, and she is determined to get him no matter what. You can be rescued, but you have to do things like turn on the generator, close windows, etc. Survive until the timer stops and you will be saved from Momo’s wrath!

You can control this game with a keyboard, mouse, or a combination of both. So, if you think you can handle the unease that comes with getting attacked by Momo before the timer runs out, go give it a shot.