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Monopoly Online

Monopoly is one of the most well-known board games out there. It was originally published in 1935 by Parker Brothers. The game has gone through several changes over the years, but the basic principle still remains. You and the other players are playing on a board where the goal is to buy properties and trade them.

The houses can be made into hotels or houses with rent being collected from the people you are playing against. You want them to go bankrupt which helps you out. On the board, if you pass go you get money, but be warned there is a jail space you can end up in.

It can be an overly complicated game due to all the rules that exist with it. Monopoly Online is no exception to this rule. This online, free game follows the boardgame pretty closely. You want to be the player with the most money while bankrupting everyone else in the process. This can be done by buying properties and making sure you are smart with your money. By doing these things you can increase the chances of you being victorious.

Once you choose your preferred piece and color, you get thrown into the chaos and craziness that is Monopoly. It will take some time to figure out how to best play this game, while also ensuring you can bankrupt all the people against whom you are playing.

If you’ve never played this before, don’t expect to win the first time you play. You will fail a few times. However, eventually you will be able to produce an effective strategy that will leave your opponents with no money to speak of.

Think you can become the richest player in the game of Monopoly? Come give it a play. You won’t know until you try!