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Pac Man, or Puck Man as it was originally called in Japan, is one of the most well-known games to come out of the 1980’s. First released in 1980, millions of people still today plays it today. In this maze game, you play a character named Pac man that is this little yellow round creature with eyes and a mouth. He must eat all the dots in the maze and avoid the four colored ghosts. If you bump into them, game over.

One way to circumnavigate these ghosts is consuming the large, flashing dots you see on the screen. This causes the ghosts to turn blue. What happens then? Well, you can eat the little pests… I mean ghosts! It will add to your score, which is always a plus.

Everyone has heard of Pac Man at some point in their life and we wouldn’t be surprised if most of them have played it as well. This game has been around for literal decades, in arcade form and on consoles as well as PC’s. Luckily for you, Pac Man is available to play right on your browser for free. No purchases, downloads, or nothing along those lines. All you need to do is open the game up on the browser of your choice.

Playing this game requires the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you know anything about Pac Man, you’ll know that this game requires a bit of strategy on the player’s part. It may seem easy on the surface, but that is not true at all. The ghosts that are after Pac Man come at him with a vengeance.

Feel like playing this classic game? Then load it up and give it a shot. You’ll be able to get an out of this world score… eventually.