Play Now 3D

Paper IO 3D is like the game Paper IO 2 where the goal is to gain as much territory as you can. If you claim the most, then you will be declared the victor. However, be warned that other players can take back what you originally took from them. If you stray too far from your territory, then this leaves it vulnerable and ripe for the taking. This game has a lot of give and take. Only one person can come out the victor though, so don’t give up!

In this newest installment, the premise is similar except you are doing it in a 3D environment which really adds to the game. You have to go around with your color, on the sheet which makes a trail. Once you close the line, the area is filled you’re your color. Remember, your enemies can take from you as well. Once you take from them, expect them to want to reclaim it as quickly as they can.

If another player cuts into your trail before you close the line, then you will die. This is something you want to avoid as best you can because then you’ll have to start all over. Depending on how far you have gotten, this can be a pretty frustrating outcome. So, frustrating you may be tempted to yeet your laptop out of the closest window. Trust us when we say it is not worth it.

Paper IO 3D is controlled with a mouse, keyboard, or both as most of these types of games usually are. It is pretty easy to get the hang of but try not to get too greedy. What you need to do is balance protecting your territory and also taking it away from the other players. Be cautious, but not too cautious.