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PaperIo Online

Paper IO 2 is a very colorful and fun multiplayer game that involves conquering territory and then protecting what land you have been able to claim so far. The paper part comes in because you are using paper to take away land from the people you are playing against. You want to take as much land as you can because this will help you in winning the game. Remember that others can steal your territory just like you can steal theirs. This means you need to stay vigilant and protect your own!

This game involves a small amount of luck and a lot of strategy on your part. You need to figure out how you can be able to take more space from the other people you are playing against while making sure they don’t grab any of yours in the process. It can be exceedingly difficult. If you get a little too greedy, then you’re leaving your land ripe for the taking. Act too cautiously? Well, then you won’t be able to gain points which is the only way to win the game.

All you need to do in order to play this game is open it in your browser and then use your mouse for the controls. The splashes of color used in Paper IO 2 might distract you from remembering this is a conquering game and not some simple, lighthearted painting game. Paper IO 2 means war! If you want to succeed, then it’s necessary to play dirty to build up your score. Balance truly is the name of the game.

Grab your mouse, laptop, and open up Paper IO 2 on whatever web browser you prefer. It’s guaranteed you will play this for hours hoping to capture so much land that you come out as the victor.