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Peppa Pig Hidden Stars

Peppa Pig is an animated show created in the UK in May 2004 and still going strong today. The show is about a piglet named Peppa. It follows Peppa, her friends and family through all daily and normal situations. At the moment, Peppa Pig is on its seventh season and broadcast in around 180 countries. Even more!

Besides being a popular kid’s tv show, Peppa Pig has branched out to books, films, video games, and even theme parks if you can believe it! There even are studio albums that feature songs straight from the show. You can enjoy Peppa Pig in a variety of ways, including video games.

A lot of Peppa Pig Games have been created, some of which can be played online and for free. One such game is called Peppa Pig Hidden Stars. You control Peppa in this amazingly simple game. An image appears on the screen featuring Peppa and some of her friends and/or family. In this image are five hidden stars you need to find. There are no time limits in this game and all you have to do is look around and click on the stars you find hidden in the image.

Like we said, it is an amazingly simple and chill game. Perfect for children if you want to give your little one a challenge—or even yourself. Sometimes, you may not find the hidden star right away, but give it a few looks over and you’ll find it in no time.

Again, this is just one Peppa Pig online game available to play. There are plenty of others that feature a lot of different plots, all of which are usually pretty simple and easy. I mean, what did you expect? This is based off a show directed towards preschoolers!