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Plants Vs Zombies

When you think of fighting or taking down hordes and hordes of zombies, you do not consider using plants. What you think of using are guns, bats, arrows, fire, or some type of physical weapon you wield with either one or both hands. We see this in such popular forms of media that feature zombies like the Walking Dead and the Last of Us. Neither of them use plants as a way to take down zombies, but in Plant Vs. Zombie Online plants are exactly what you use to get rid of these pesky, brain eating zombies that are bent on destroying not only your world but yourself!

You really can’t blame the zombies. They are driven by an innate need to eat brains to feed themselves. They are mindless version of who they used to be with decaying bodies and… a whole lot of stupid. Show me a smart zombie and we’ll eat our own brains!

In Plant Vs. Zombie, you use plants to fight the zombies. You can supercharge them with some plant food, and work with them to figure out a strategy to make sure your brain remains uneaten. What you want is for it to remain in your skull, safe and sound. Sadly, one does not live without their brain!

Zombie games and pieces of media always take a serious tone so Plant Vs. Zombie is a refreshing addition to this genre. It’s fun and will make you laugh as you try to take down these zombies with your army of superpowered plants.

Controlling this game can be done with a mouse, keyboard, or combination of the two. Open up your browser and see if you’ll be able to keep your brain safe. If you fail, don't worry about it. You can always try again!