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Pop It

Pop It originally started as a children’s fidget toy for children who have Autism or are somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. The concept of the toy is amazingly simple. They are made of silicone in a variety of colors and shapes. These Pop It’s come equipped with a bunch of bubbles placed inside the toy. What you do is just go through and pop the bubbles in and out! It doesn’t have to be in order and nor do the bubbles have to be pressed in all at once.

The goal of the toy is to help relieve stress or to simply relax. Also, you don’t have to be a child to purchase it. Pop It’s great for adults as well. It gives your hands something to do and helps your mind focus. Think that Pop It’s, are only something you can buy a physical copy of? Well, think again! There exists a Pop It game for those who either are not able to afford the toy or just want to play a video game version of it instead.

The concept of the game is amazingly simple and easy for you to grasp. Once you choose your desired shape for the Pop It, the goal is to press all the bubbles in with no gaps. You then do this for every additional level. It is really a relaxing, lighthearted game that doesn’t require a lot of energy. All you need is a mouse or keypad to push in the bubbles on the screen.

This game is truly a great way to wind down after a long, tiring, and hard day at work. Grab your laptop, phone, or tablet. Then lay back and relax with a child’s game that is perfect for adults as well.