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Pou Online

Pets are cute and fun, but they are also a lot of work. Anyone who has ever had a cat, dog, bird, or any kind of house pet has experienced how much work they can be. Back in the 90’s, Tamagotchi or these little digital pets were all the rage. It gave us a chance to take care of a pet without the hassle of having to clean up after the pet. Really, you got the best of both worlds!

Today Tamagotchi aren't quite common, but don’t think this means you can’t experience what it is like to have a virtual pet. Pou Online is one such game that lets you have a pet of your own while not having to clean up their poop and pee.

Pou is a cute, clay shaped looking alien that you can take care of in lieu of say a cat or dog. It can be customized by changing the body and eye colors, adding outfits, glasses, and mustaches. You care for Pou the typical way you take care of a pet. There is a bathroom where you can clean it, a kitchen to feed it, a bedroom where it sleeps, and outside for it to go out and play.

All of it can be controlled with your mouse by simply clicking on what you want to do. Be warned that Pou gets dirty very easily so you will find yourself washing this little guy a lot. If you need a break, just go to the bedroom, and click on the lamp. This will instantly darken the room and put it to sleep for the time being.

Pou Online is a very relaxing, fun game that will fulfill that need to get a pet in real life. Well, for a while.