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Football, or American Football, is one of the most popular and well-known sports in America. While there are a lot of rules that go along with football, it has some basic rules that are easy to understand. Two teams with eleven players are competing against each other on a field that has goalposts at each end.

One team is the offense, and the other is defense. The team that is labeled offense is the one with the football and must attempt to gain points. While they are doing this, the other team that is called the defense, has to stop the other team. They want to be the ones to get control of the ball. In the end, whoever has the most points wins.

This is an extremely simplified version of football, and some rules can take a while to understand. Another thing you have to understand about football is how popular it is in American culture with movies, TV shows, and video games being about Football.

Football games for free exist all across the internet. It’s not hard to find a Football game online to play. Actually, you might have the opposite problem. You may not know what to play because there are so many options!

Some popular football games available to play online include Super Bowl Defender, Touchdown Pro, Swipe Kicker, Running Back, Quarterback, and this is by far not the complete list of football games available you are able to play.

Controls vary depending on what game you happen to be playing. Just read the rules and take note of how you can play these games. They will involve a keyboard, mouse, or some combination of both.

This will one of the rare chances where you don’t have to leave your couch to play football!