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Red Light Green Light

The red light green light game, also known as Statues, Grandma’s/Grandmother’s Footsteps, or Fairy Footsteps, is a children’s game. One person stands at one end of the room or field with everyone else at the far end. When the person yells a green light, everyone can start moving towards them. This person has their back turn towards the group so they can’t see what is happening. However, as soon as you hear them, they yell the words red light, they turn around to face the others. If you are seen moving, then you are sent back to the beginning.

It is up to the players to make it to the end and tag the person yelling red light, green light. The green light red-light game has existed for years and can even be played online now, but with a twist.

The Red Light Green Light online game is not exactly like the original children’s game. It is more based on the version that appears in the popular Korean Netflix show Squid Game. The concept is like the children’s game. When green light is called, you run and if it’s red light, then you need to stop and not move a muscle. It starts to differ if you are caught moving after a red light is called. Instead of being sent back to the start you are shot.

You play the deadlier version of this game in your browser using the WASD keys to move. When the head fully turns around and is looking straight ahead, you better home that your player character is no longer moving. If it catches you so much as twitching, you’ll be shot and have to start all over.

Be grateful that you get to play the game from the safety of your own browser.