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Smiling Glass

Pouring some water into a glass sounds like it should be easy. I mean, how difficult can it be to fill up a glass? Well, you would be surprised how difficult it could be. It doesn’t matter if you are clumsy or not. Sometimes, the water just ends up half in the glass and half all over the surface where you were pouring the water.

One of the better things about spilling water is that its water. It does not have a color or really a strong smell, so it is not going to leave much residue. While technically, it could lead to something becoming musty, its easy enough to dry up some water or clean it up.

Why are we going on and on about pouring water and how much of a hassle it is? Well, imagine trying to fill a glass of water while attempting to avoid spikes and other obstacles. It is difficult when you do not have to avoid all these things!

In Smiling Glass, you are tasked with filling up a glass of water. You have to fill it up a certain amount depending on the level. This is why we are emphasizing how annoying filling up water can be normally. It sounds straight up impossible to do it in such circumstances, but you won’t know until you try! This game can be easily played with your keyboard, mouse, or a combination of the two.

Trying to avoid spilling water and filling it up a specified amount will make you appreciate trying to pour a glass of water on a regular, any old day. So, open up your browser and challenge yourself to filling a glass of water while facing obstacle after obstacle.

We have faith you will be able to complete the task.