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Snake.IO : Angry Slither Worm

Fancy playing a game where you can slither your way around a computer screen and get more and more powerful with every level you complete? If this sounds like fun, then you need to look no further than Snake IO, a free and online multiplayer game that has an arcade like feel to it.

First you begin the game as a tiny, insignificant worm. This is what you start as. I promise I am not trying to call you a name. The way to succeed in this game is to eat from level to level, which will help your little worm become a big and powerful snake! Keep eating as much as you can because this helps build up your score, leading to you taking over the leaderboard at some point.

This is the one case where consuming large amounts of food will push you towards the top and help you succeed. Avoid crashing into any walls or other worms because then you’ll have to start the whole process over.

It is extremely easy to play in Snake IO. All you need is a mouse to help you move around the screen. The game can take a little while to get used because of the direction controls. However, once you figure out how to effectively use your mouse curser to move the worm around the screen, you’ll have no problem.

So, turn on your browser and load up Snake IO. Prepare to jump into the life of a worm who dares to dream. A worm who wants to make something of themselves and become the biggest and best worm they can be. If you fail, just keep trying. One day you will make it to the top of the leaderboard and beat all of your enemies—I mean friends.