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Based on the popular Netflix show where hundreds of people, desperate to escape whatever debts they have accumulated, decide to take part in a series of challenges based on popular children’s games such as red-light green light, tug of war, and marbles to name a few. Unbeknownst to the players, the games have a sinister twist. Fail and you die.

Playing Squid Game Online lets you step into the shoes of one of these players and see if you can survive the deadly games from your childhood that aren’t quite like you remember. For red-light, green light, when the green light is called you can move towards the line. See a sudden red light? Well, you better stop right there and not move a muscle. If you are caught moving even a little, then you’ll be taken out of the game and in a deadly way, too.

The rules vary depending on the game you are competing in, but none of them have particularly difficult rules. It’s easy to figure out how you can try to survive each round. You can say the same thing about the controls as well. All you need is a mouse and keyboard to control the main character in this game.

What happens if you die? Well, unlike the characters from the show, you can try again and again until you can survive every round. Squid Game Online does a great job of drawing you in with the anticipation of dying at any second. It keeps you hooked by the idea of making it through one round before going to the next.

Make sure you keep some snacks and a drink by your side. We promise you will be glued to your computer as you try desperately to make your character survive the Squid Games.