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sQuid Game Tug Of War

Tug of War is a popular children’s game as well as a professional sport! It’s pretty simple to play this game. There is a large rope, and one team is on one side with the opposing team being on the other. From there the teams struggle to pull the rope far enough in their direction so they can be declared the winner. This game was so popular at one point, that it used to be an Olympic sport from 1900 to 1920. Unfortunately, it ended after that, but we can always remember that time fondly. Well, in pictures because none of us were alive during that time.

This game appears in several types of media, which includes Squid Games. The Tug of War game that appears in this show isn’t the usual kind of Tug of War game we are used to. It’s more deadly. Each team is on a platform with a large gap or opening between them. Whatever team pulls the other over the edge, is the one that wins. See it’s a lot deadlier than the typical game of Tug of War!

The Squid Game’s version of this childhood game can be played online and for free! You need to try to pull the rope far enough so the other opponent falls. Once this is done, you win! To be able to do this you need to press certain keys on your keyboard. Sounds easy? Well, you need to press it amazingly fast. If you do not, then your team is going to be the one that ends up getting pulled over the edge.

Be thankful that if you ever do play Tug of War in real life, you will never have to play the Squid Game’s version which could result in your death.