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Super Mario Bros

Before Mario became a 3d figure, he and his brother were part of a series called Super Mario Bros where they played a Mario 2d and a Luigi 2d. No longer do you have to struggle to plug in your old console and pray it w orks. You can play this Mario 2d game right on your web browser for free! It’s really great for those who are a fan of this series and miss playing this classic game.

Everyone knows who Mario is. At some point, you’ve played a game featuring this short, red-haired plumber and his brother Luigi. Super Mario Bros. is by far one of the most well-known ones in this series. The goal is to save the princess from Bowser who has kidnapped her. You must go through a series of challenges in order to get her out of the lizard’s clutches, which gets harder with every level you complete.

In order to control Mario, you use your arrow keys, z, x, enter, and space, respectively. These let you move Mario back and forth as well as help him jump over any obstacles that might come your way.

From the moment you start playing Super Mario Bros, you will feel that you have been transported into an 80s arcade. The controls, plot, and gameplay all seem simple. With every level you complete, you’ll be closer and closer to rescuing the dear princess. There are times you’ll want to throw your laptop out the window, but please don’t do that. Preserve through all the frustration and anger so you can have the satisfaction of knowing you have completed one of the most popular games that was around.

Bowser won’t be happy, but who cares about that lizard? He is the bad guy! We don’t like bad guys here.