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Super Mario Run

We all know Mario, the famous short red-haired plumber whose arch enemy Bowser, is always up to no good. By his side are his brother Luigi, love interest Princess Peach, Toad, and Yoshi just to name a few. In Super Mario Run, you play the titular character in a side scrolling game reminiscent of the old Super Mario Bros. games that were popular in the 80s.

The plot is pretty straightforward. Princess Peach’s castle is on fire, and you have to get out ASAP. If you don’t, I’m sure you can figure out what might happen. Our favorite Italian plumber is going to be on the crispier side of life! Have fun going through the levels where you have to jump over plenty of obstacles, water, and the fire itself.

Your goal is to fully escape the fire in a fast-paced game and environment complete with the mushrooms and coins you would expect in any Mario games. There’s also a new addition as a jet pack! Yes, one of the power-ups is an actual jet back, which is going to be one of the more useful power-ups in there because you can just fly over the fire. Until it runs out, that is. Make sure you watch where Mario lands!

The game controls for Super Mario Run are pretty basic. You use the left click to jump and then click twice for a double jump. Want to float in the air? Well, hold the left click button for that. Enjoy playing on whatever web browser you prefer to use. It will work on most of them.

Do you think you’ll be able to help Mario outrun the fire destroying Princess Peach’s castle? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Play today and see if you can stand the heat.