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Here we have another DC comic book character, created in 1938. Superman is one of the most iconic and well-known superheroes existing in the DC universe besides Batman and Wonder woman. The backstory of Superman is very tragic. His birth name is Kal-El and he was born on the fictional planet of Krypton. He was sent to earth as a baby in a spaceship by his parents because Krypton was moments from being destroyed because of a natural disaster heading towards his home planet. After his ship crashed in Smallville, Kal-el was adopted by Jonathan and Martha Kent before being given the name Clark.

Clark has such superpowered abilities like super strength, being invincible, flying, x ray and heat vision, super hearing, solar flare, and freeze breath/super breath. His superhero name is Superman. Superman spends his time fighting crime in the city Metropolis, fighting against all kinds of different enemies.

There are so many kinds of free games where you can play superman. Games featuring Superman as the main character are Superman Aliens, Superman Puzzle, Superman Memory Challenge, Superman Dress up, and Superman Returns. The games that feature Superman as a side or main character along with others are Justice League Action Coloring, and Justice League Comic Creator. The reason Superman shows up in so many Justice League games is because this is a group of Superheroes, he is a part of. Another DC superhero named Batman fights alongside Superman as well.

Do you fancy playing as one of the most well-known superheroes in DC comics? Well, you have dozens of different games where you can do just that! Try your best to save all the innocent people who desperately need Superman’s help. If you fail, just try again until you manage to save them all!