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Tom Jerry Run

Tom and Jerry is a popular cartoon that first debuted in 1940 under Hanna and Barbera. In this cartoon, a cat named Tom and a mouse named Jerry get into all kinds of adventures. All of these adventures usually involve Tom attempting to catch Jerry. He is never successful which adds to the amusement of the cartoon. There have been many spin-offs of the original cartoon. This includes different tv shows, movies, and even a musical that debuted in Japan called Tom and Jerry: Purrfect Chance to Dream.

You can guess that in addition to shows and movies, plenty of video games exist that feature these two iconic characters. One such game is called Tom and Jerry Run, which is free to play online. In this game you control Jerry who is perpetually running. Your goal is to grab the different cheeses in each round which can be found in any of the three lanes.

Switching lanes can be done with the arrow key. If you press space, time will temporarily slow down so use this wisely. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Also be aware of all the different obstacles in Jerry’s path. If you crash into one, then the game is over, and you’ll have to start again.

Out of the two, Jerry is certainly a fan favorite. He’s easy going and certainly one cheeky little mouse. While Tom isn’t chasing you in this game, it’s easy to pretend he is given the fact that Jerry can’t stop running—until he crashes that is.

Whether you’ve been a fan of Tom and Jerry for years or are a new watcher, you’ll have a blast playing this simple, yet addicting game. Try your hardest to get Jerry as much cheese as you can. He deserves it after putting up with Tom for all those decades.